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iScan II

iScan II
Product name:iScan II
iScan II


Net Weight:        10KG

iSCAN II --Powerful Diagnosic Equipment --Entirely new generation of intelligent diagnostic expert system - the most close to the original integrated scanner

iSCAN II :  Good Quality > Function on developing> Brand-new colorful diagnostic screen

Vehicle Coverage and Function:

including about 40 types of  European, USA Japanese and South Korean cars

reading and clearing faulty code,data analysis,waveform and action testing, coding new ecu code and basic setting for the Throttle

IMS2(Simulation system of interface box):

can connect laptop to realize original full diagnostic function BENZ / VOLVO / BMW / Porsche

Component Testing System:

can connect external components to the test module and  measure the combustion efficiency of the ignition system, battery performance and start-up charging systems. It is intelligent and automatical diagnostic system and can  recommend to the direction of fault repair

Bluetooth Connection:

Can be used for diagnostic data storage and printing through Bluetooth technology with the PC connected


Optional configuration and testing models

A:European/French/British/USA cars:

Mercedes + BMW + MINI + VW / Audi + Regal + Porsche + Opel + Land Rover + Jaguar + Fiat + Renault + Peugeot + Citroen + GM + Chrysler + Ford + Mazda

B:Asian cars:

Japanese + Korean + Chinese-made cars


Faulty code reading and clearing, data flow, action testing, basic code setting and matching, ecu programming, key programming, 0BD2 detection, Printing  


Update:USB download update

iSCAN II  Configuration

Package Name Description Testing car models Remark

European,French and USA cars iscanII scanner Main Multiplexer+European set+FORD set+USA set+IMS2 Kit MB,BMWPKG(MINI),VOLVO,PORSCHE,VASS,OPEL,


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